HKS released “EVC-S” from the EVC product series for price-conscious customers.
This EVC-S utilizes the solenoid valve. The original EVC’s complex functions were simplified and contained in EVC-S. It works for both internal and external wastegate types. Junction connection system that connects the display unit, solenoid valve, and boost sensor to the control unit is utilized for simple installation. Appearance of the display unit was designed to match well with other HKS electronics parts.



Easier installation by separate setup

  • Separated units are connected to the center control unit.
  • Thin display unit enables free layout.

Unified design

  • The same design as A/F Knock Amp. and other items.
  • Unified design for whole HKS electronics products.

Basic functions & cost-conscious function

  • 2 control modes (A/B mode)
  • Basic parameters Offset, Response Control range of solenoid duty output = 0-100%
  • Warning, Drop boost functions
  • Peak hold, after-image indication functions
  • Applicable for both internal and external wastegate types
  • Stock boost recovery function when power is off
  • Data lock function
  • Diagnosis function for malfunction of boost sensor and valve or wiring connection

Advanced Features

  • Compact Size / 4 Separate Units
    EVC-S includes 4 separate units: Display Unit, Control Unit, Boost Sensor, and Solenoid Valve.
    Each unit is compact and easy to install in the engine bay and the interior. Since the Boost Sensor is independent, hose routing does not need to run into the vehicles interior.
  • Capable of Controlling High Boost
    EVC-S can control up to 250kPa (36PSI)
  • Simple Boost Setting
    Directly input simple values to modes A and B, and let the HKS EVC control the boost.
  • Return Function
    The boost setting returns to the factory setting when the power is turned off. On some vehicles, the boost value may be lower than the boost before installing the EVC-S.
  • 2 Mode Boost Setting Function
    A Mode and B Mode allow for 2 different boost settings.
  • Warning Function
    If the boost level exceeds the warning value, the unit will warn the user will an audible buzzer and visually on the display. The boost value will be lowered to the set value. This function protects the engine and turbocharger from excessive boost.
  • After Image Display Function
    When the boost changes from positive pressure to negative pressure, the maximum boost under positive pressure can be displayed for 3 seconds. This function can be turned off.
  • Data Memory Function
    Each setting value is saved in the internal memory; the saved values are retrievable even after the ignition is shut-off or the battery is disconnected.
  • Boost Unit of Measure Select Function
    The boost unit of measure is selectable between kPa and PSI.
  • Data Lock Function
    The setting data can be protected by a password to prevent unwanted or accidental changes.

EVC-S Installation Outline

Piping Layout

Acuator Turbine

Wastegate Turbine

Product Model Engine Year Code RRP (exc VAT) Notes
EVC-S - - - 45003-AK009 call

All prices are RRP and exclude VAT.