52004-AK004 DSR Direct Sludge Remover 400ml

HKS Direct Sludge Remover has been specially formulated to help remove harmful sludge, dirt and deposits from your engine. DSR should be added to your current engine oil in your system before draining it for an oil change. Supplied in 400ml bottle (One bottle is enough to treat 3L~6L of engine oil)

13001-AS002 Intercooler Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S

HKS Intercooler for the Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S is now available to pre order from your HKS Europe Dealer.

The HKS Intercooler core offers approximately 265% more area when compared to that of the stock core capacity. The stock plastic side tanks have been replaced with cast aluminium tanks allowing a smoother pipe layout and greater strength.

13001-AH004 & 13001-AH005 Intercooler Honda Civic Type-R FK8

The HKS intercooler for the Honda Civic Type-R uses a larger size intercooler to maintain cooling performance. The newly designed 100mm wide core allows approximately 200% more area when compared to the stock core capacity. 

13001-AH004 includes core and 13002-AH001 piping kit. 13001-AH005 includes core only.

Available to pre-order now from your HKS Europe Dealer.

Super Air Filter

HKS Super Air Filter is a stock replacement air filter. Featuring a newly developed dry non-woven fabric filter element for reduced airflow resistance and high duct collection capacity.

The new Super Air filter range will replace the Super Hybrid Filter range once current inventory has cleared.

Super Air Filter application guide 2018

Hipermax MAX IV SP Drag Suspension

The return of HKS Drag Specification Dampers! Introducing the latest technologies to suit modern drag racing requirements. Hipermax IV SP Drag Suspension is now available for the Nissan GT-R R35 and Toyota Supra JZA80.

80250-AS001 Hipermax MAX IV SP Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S

MAX IV SP coilovers are the ultimate sport suspension for drivers looking to take advantage of high grip performance tyres whilst maintaining comfort and style.

A new camber adjustable pillow upper mount has been specially designed for ZC33S this enables direct handling and higher degree of settings.


71008-AH009 Super SQV IV Honda Civic Type R FK8

Super SQV IV Blow Off Valve is coming soon for the Honda Civic Type R FK8. HKS Super SQV (Sequential Blow Off Valve) uses a unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system, which allows for a broad operating range from low boost to high boost.

This kit can also be combined with 13002-AH001 piping kit to create a full piping kit for the Honda Civic FK8 Type R. 

Available to pre-order now from your HKS Europe Dealer.