Premium Suction Kit

HKS provides “Mature premium sports with high quality driving” with Premium Suction Kit.

Aluminum suction pipe and Super Hybrid Filter reduces intake resistance and enables quick response.

Replacing the stock bellows shape suction pipe with the mirror-finishing aluminum pipe accentuates its appearance in the engine bay.

  • HKS Premium suction’s materials were selected and layout was designed to reduce the resistance to air passing through the engine compared with the stock suction. Replacing the stock suction pipe with HKS premium Suction’s aluminum pipe noticeably reduces the ventilation resistance.

  • Newly developed Non-woven fabric collects large dust and polyurethane filter collects small dust. Thus HKS Super Hybrid Filter’s 3 layers are made of different materials and functions to meet requirement for sport filter that need to balance quick response and long life.
Product Model Engine Year Code RRP (exc VAT) Notes
Premium Suction Mitsubishi EVO VII, VIII, IX CT9A 4G63 01/02-07/09 70018-AM001 £160.00 Vehicle Info
Premium Suction Mitsubishi EVO X CZ4A 4B11 07/10-09/09 70018-AM003 £340.00 Vehicle Info
Premium Suction Nissan GT-R R35 VR38DETT 07/12- 70018-AN007 £650.00 Vehicle Info
Premium Suction Subaru BRZ ZC6 FA20 12/03- 70018-AT006 £230.00 Vehicle Info
Premium Suction Subaru Impreza GH8 EJ20/25 07/06-11/12 70018-AF008 call Vehicle Info
Premium Suction Subaru Impreza GVF EJ25 10/07-14/08 70018-AF010 £360.00 Vehicle Info
Premium Suction Subaru Impreza GRF EJ25 09/02-14/08 70018-AF010 £360.00 Vehicle Info
Premium Suction Toyota GT86 ZN6 FA20 12/04- 70018-AT006 £230.00 Vehicle Info

All prices are RRP and exclude VAT.