Because the supercharger is crankshaft rotation output system, it doesn’t need for modification of the exhaust side than of the turbocharger, which result in better exhaust gas purification performance and acceleration is better at low to mid RPM.
In addition to these advantages of the traditional supercharger, HKS developed a new product GT SUPERCHARGER which eliminated the disadvantages, such as “jam at high rpm”, “dimensions and weight of the device” and “mechanical noise”. It has achieved both environmental friendly performance and power. It’s the next generation system supercharger.


HKS has continued to expand the share in the aftermarket in Japan, USA, Europe and Asia with the performance products of Turbocharger mainly. However, every year exhaust gas regulations getting stricter worldwide, especially in the U.S. It’s becoming difficult to clear the exhaust regulation with turbocharger.

On the other hand the supercharger which does not interfere with the catalyst activation has been expanding mainly in the U.S. is advantageous to the exhaust gas purification.

Usually supercharger is a volume type and installation is becoming more difficult for the small engine room for recent automobiles, it also has problems such as noise and vibration. The HKS supercharger cleared these problems with the centrifugal type supercharger, the HKS “GT SUPERCHARGER”.