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HKS history has been built around turbo technology which also shaped Japanese tuning history. Using its experience on both the street and the racetrack, HKS' continual development and evolution in turbo technology has allowed HKS to become the yardstick in providing turbo kit solutions for both high response and big power applications.
Actuator series:
For street and circuit for simple low-mid range power upgrades Compact systems which utilise the same exhaust layout as the stock system. Ideal for gaining the benefit of upgraded turbo without the cost of replacing many stock exhaust parts.
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Wastegate Series:
Ideal for big power applications on the circuit and drag strip.
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Bolt On Turbo Series:
Simple turbo conversion kits for NA vehicles. Simple low cost turbo solutions in kit form which removes the necessity of difficult modifications to stock parts
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Supercharger Watsegate Turbo Kit Blow Off  

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