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Camber angle and Castor angle can both be adjusted independently. Also by changing the left and right mounts, the castor can be adjusted further to give a wider range of adjustmnent

  • Depending on the dampers used, The overall length of the damper may change due to differences in collars and bearings affecting the maximum ride height. (This does not affect dampers with full length adjustment.)

  • For front dampers only.
  • About Caster

    • What is Castor Angle?
    • When viewing the wheel from the side, the angle of the king pin is referred to as castor angle and has a large effect on straight line stability and steering response. As castor angle increases, straight line stability is increased but with reduced steering response. Conversely, with lower castor angle, good steering response ids achieved at the expense of straight line stability.

    • For Low Speed/Pylon courses
    • By "standing up" or decreasing castor angle, quick handling can be achieved as well as reducing "castor action".

    • For High Speed Corners/Circuit or drift use
    • By "laying down" or increasing castor, steering self centering force is increased on corner exit under acceleration and allows for more stable cornering and transitions during drifting. For high speed circuit use, negative camber on the outside wheel is increased when cornering reducing understeer. Moreover, as the negative camber is reduced under normal circumstances, uneven tyre wear can be reduced.

To INCREASE caster over standard
Vehicle Left Side Vehicle Right Side
Mount B Mount A
To REDUCE caster over standard
Vehicle Left Side Vehicle Right Side
Mount A Mount B
Model Model Code Part Number Retail Price (£+VAT) Remarks
SILVIA   S15, S14   82001-AN001 £ENQUIRE For Front
SILVIA / 200SX (P)S13   82001-AN001 £ENQUIRE For Front
180SX R(P)S13   82001-AN001 £ENQUIRE For Front
LANCER EVOLUTION CT9A(VII, VIII, VIII MR, IX)   82001-AM002 £405.35 For Front
LANCER EVOLUTION CN9A, CP9A(IV, V, VI)   82001-AM001 £405.35 For Front
For Front
IMPREZA GDB   82001-AF001 £405.35 For Front

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