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Tuning your vehicle's suspension is one of the easiest ways to instantly improve overall Driving Performance. HKS offers a complete line of coilover suspension systems starting with the comfortable Hipermax CLX to the street and track ready Hipermax III, and Hipermax III Sports. HKS has utilized its experience from 35 years of circuit, F3, GT, drift, and drag racing to bring you the cutting edge in suspension technology.

All HKS Suspension systems use mono tube technology to produce a more durable damper. Mono tube dampers can utilise larger piston and valve sizes allowing for more accurate and stable control and adjustment of dampening. Mono tube dampers also benefit from better heat dissipation and reduce the chance of oil aeration.

Hipermax 3 Hipermax 3
Hipermax 3
Super Sport
Hipermax 3
2 Way Upper

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