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NEW PRODUCT: Intercooler Kit for R35 GT-R

Intercooler Kit for NISSAN GT-R R35.

This large capacity intercooler kit includes a carbon fibre air guide to improve performance further whilst maintaining a premium appearance. The Intercooler cores are much larger than stock but weighs less. Performance in greatly improved over other intercooler kits, which are only slightly larger than the stock intercoolers.

Cooling performance

Although performance of stock intercooler is good, it is only good for stock boost levels. At 1.2kPa as used in HKS GT570 and GT600 Kits, the compressed air temperature increases and the stock core size is not enough for the flow capacity of the stock turbos. After many tests it was found that improving the core size by only a small amount would not make enough of a performance difference. A 400x260x65 core which is large but thin was eventually selected for maximum performance.



Intercooler unit is lighter than stock.

(Stock : 9.6kg   HKS : 8.0kg)


Pressure loss

To prevent pressure loss due to the thin core, the new inner fin design minimises pressure loss.

  • Reference (StockStock     HKS Proto1: Competitors' size   HKS Proto: HKS product)
  • Horsepower HKS I/C 447.7kw(608.6ps/6710rpm  Stock I/C438.6kw(596.3ps /6660rpm

Effect on water temperature

A large capacity core can often affect air flow to the radiator causing a rise in water temperature. The thin core design allows more air to flow to the radiator which reduces this effect. During tests at Sendai Highland Circuit and Fuji Speedway, water temperatures were no different to that when using the stock intercooler system.


Special large carbon air guide

The air guide is shaped to specifically fit the increased core size. Air flows efficiently over the whole cooler to enhance performance whilst the side plates guide air to the radiator also.

  • Installation time: About 8 - 10 hours
  • Kit parts: Intercooler assenbly, Air guide, Intercooler pipe, Silicon hose, Hose band, Bracket, Nuts & bolts.
  • Required tools: Nut cutter
  • Required modifications: Modification of air guide in front of stock radiator core support. Bending of air conditioner pipe.
13001-AN013 Intercooler kit GT-R (R35) 3485.00+VAT
(price subject to change without notice)
This item is now available to order from your HKS Europe dealer. For a list of approved European dealers, please visit the dealer network section of this website.


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