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NEW PRODUCT: Hi-Power 409 Muffler for CZ4A Lancer Evolution X

Emphasis has been placed on sports performance. No centre silencer, 75mm pipe and large radius bends allows for maximum exhaust efficiency. As a result, sound levels are higher and sporty.
Twin 115mm tail tips emphasise sporty appearance.
Model CBA-CZ4A
Engine 4B11
Model Year 2008/07-
Type of muffler HP(Hipower409)
Code No. 31008-BM001
Price 654.50+VAT
Shape of muffler HP409
Main material SUH409
Diameter of tip φ115
Diameter of main pipe φ75→602
Close Noise Level R 83dB L 84dB
Stock (R 83dB L 84dB) R 102dB L 102dB
Lowest Car Height 125mm (Center Pipe)
Remarks Removal of left side rear traction hook is required for installation of these products.


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