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Tuned cars, especially those with additional or large volume injectors require sufficient fuel supply with stable fuel pressure. HKS fuels pumps are able to flow high volumes of fuel even at high pressures making them ideal for use with highly tuned, high boost applications. HKS Fuel Pumps by Bosch have a new design making the inlet and outlet diameter larger to increase flow by 20% over previous versions. With the new larger inlet and outlet, a fitting adaptor (AN) has been designed to allow for professional fitting and layout using Aeroquip® hoses and fittings

Fuel Pressure[kPa(kgf/cm2)] Fuel Flow(l/h)
200(2) 249.0
290(3) 236.8
390(4) 224.6
490(5) 212.4
590(6) 200.2
Notes for Fitting
  • Please ensure that no foreign objects or liquids enter the system when fitting.
  • Please do not place the pump directly on the floor or ground.
  • Please clean any dirt from the vehicle before fitting.
  • Please do not operate the fuel pump until the unit is connect to a fuel supply
  • Please ensure that operating fuel pressure remains below 590kPa(6kgf/cm2)
Product Name Type Part Number. Retail Price Remarks
BOSCH Fuel Pump 280L/h 1407-RA017 £332.75 Flow figure when under no load.
Fitting Adaptor AN8/M18 P=1.5 1499-RA046 £ENQUIRE Inlet Side
AN6/M12 P=1.5 1499-RA080 £ENQUIRE Outlet Side
Bronze Washer M18 44999-AK018 £ENQUIRE Inlet Side 4pc Set
M12 14008-AK003 £4.84 Outlet Side T=2.0 4pc Set
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