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Compression ratio data is based on stock head with no modification and should be used for reference only.


  • Low compression kit is designed for 500PS, 7200rpm overcoming the weaknesses of the stock layout whilst keeping cost low.
  • Low compression kit gives compression ratio of 9.0 (0.7mm gaskets) which is suited for forced induction use, whereas high compression kit offers a ratio of 11.5(0.7mm gasket) for N/A tuning
  • Forged I beam connecting rods. V6 cranks require special balancing when changing engine parts, however as these con rods has the same end to end weight distribution as the stock rods, the stock crank requires no modification to work with these kits
  • Due to connecting rod design prioritising strength, small end design is not compatible with stock pistons. Please always use HKS pistons.
  • High strength connecting rod bolts included.

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