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Cam feeling correction for a variety of engines and uses.

Slidecam Pulley

Reviewing material and design has allowed for a stronger lighter unit

Nickel plating increases anti-frictional properties

Using a super light duralumin (A2014) as itís main material, Strength has increased by 50% and hardness by 30% (over previous version). This change in material has allowed the design to be changed which has allowed the unit to be substantially lighter (10% less load on RB engines) increasing engine reliability and power.

Gear section is nickel plated for increased surface hardness (Hv:350?500(compared to older version)) to withstand strengthened timing belts and any foreign objects that may get caught between the gear and belt



Accurate valve timing control

As Cam duration and other engine specifications change, the ideal valve timing point will also change. As both intake and exhaust cam durations increase the overlap amounts can be adjusted for optimum performance. All HKS Camshafts come with recommended valve timing which can be achieved by using these sprockets in conjunction with HKS camshafts. Also compatible with standard camshafts. Please ensure that when using these sprockets, timing chain cover is installed.

View pulley/sprocket application charts

Fine Tune Timing Belt

Timing belts best suited for use with HKS Slide Cam-Pulleys. Optimised belt strength for each engine application makes the Fine Tune Timing Belt ideal for use with HKS Slide Cam-Pulleys for high power/high RPM engines.

Belt strength has been optimised for each engine application. Designed to allow stable belt tension even when heat expansion occurs in the engine

Previous timing belt manufacturing techniques have involved applying pressure from the outside to form the teeth. This applies tension to the teeth making them weaker. By forming a mould with the correct shape teeth to begin with allows the teeth shape to be formed without compromising belt strength and can decrease belt skipping on high torque engines.

Teeth rubber is made from H-NBR grade rubber for additional strength.

Balancer belt for 4G63 is also available. By combining both timing belt and balancer belt, load and stress can be reduced to both engine and chassis

Necessity of changing balancer belt:

The balancer is designed to reduce engine vibration by creating a vibration in the opposite direction to the engine. When used at high RPM such as on circuits, the vibration will naturally increase which causes more load on the balancer. Moreover, the balancer rotates at double the speed of the crankshaft which will cause the belt to stretch at a faster rate to other belts. This stretch will eventually put the balancer out of synchronisation with the crankshaft causing more vibration and then eventually the belt may break. For this reason HKS recommends that when the timing belt is changed, the balancer belt also be changed with a strengthened item to allow the balancer to be effective and accurate and reduce stress on the engine and chassis.


View timing belt application charts  

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