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The HKS SLD is an electronic device designed to eliminate a vehicle's factory speed limiter. When competing on the drag strip or a circuit track, the factory speed limiter can hinder a vehicle's performance. New SLD Type III models come in various versions to accommodate vehicles with CANBUS link systems allowing speed limit cuts on more modern complex ECUs.

Product Part Number Retail Price (£+VAT)
Type I   4502-RA002 £102.85
Type II   4502-RA003 £133.10
Type III-N2   45002-AN002 £235.95
Type III-N3   45002-AN003 £235.95
Type III-N4   45002-AN004 £214.50
Type III-N5   45002-AN005 £ENQUIRE
Type Ⅲ-F2   45002-AF002 £ENQUIRE
Type Ⅲ-Z3   45002-AZ003 £235.95
Type T6   4502-RT009 £133.10



The HKS FCD is an electronic device developed to properly raise the factory fuel cut level on factory turbocharged vehicles. As modifications are made to optimize engine performance, the factory fuel cut is often triggered by higher boost levels which activate a fuel delivery cut-off as a failsafe procedure. Symptoms of fuel cut are hesitation, bogging, and/or illumination of diagnostic indicators.

The electronic signal from the FCD will raise the fuel cut level to accommodate for the additional boost without triggering fuel cut and/or an engine diagnostic light. The FCD installation is designed to be easily integrated with the VPC/F-CON or factory ECU harness.

Warning: Due to the characteristics of this product, higher than recommended or unsafe boost levels may be attained by the installation and use of the FCD. This may result in severe damage to the vehicles engine or other mechanical parts. We suggest a fuel delivery upgrade and consulting a trained technician before the purchase and use of the FCD.

Product Part Number Retail Price (£+VAT) Remarks
STD Type   4501-RA002 £102.85 For MAP Sensor Vehicles
Type H   4501-RN003 £93.50 For Hot Wire type vehicles
Type K3   4501-RM003 £102.85 For Flap Type Vehicles



The HKS AFR is a fuel-adjustment device that regulates the air/fuel ratio by changing the airflow voltage output to the vehicles factory computer. The AFR was designed for vehicles that are lightly tuned (intake, exhaust system, etc.) and need only slight fuel adjustment. The 12 setting adjustment indicator allows the user to enrich or lean the stock fuel settings by approximately 1.0 A/R point in either direction (richer or leaner). There are two versions available with Type-D designed to work on vehicles that utilize a pressure (MAP) sensor and Type-L designed for vehicles that utilize an air flow meter.

Product Part Number Retail Price (£+VAT) Remarks
Type D   4604-RT001 £102.85 D Jetro
Type L   4604-RN001 £102.85 L Jetro



The HKS EIDS has been developed to buffer dramatic airflow meter signal fluctuations. By buffering these fluctuations the EIDS prevents engine stalling or hesitation associated with sudden imbalances in air/fuel ratio of airflow meter-equipped vehicles that utilize atmosphere venting blow-off valves.

Product Part Number Retail Price (£+VAT) Remarks
TYPE-H1 4605-RN001 £114.95 ホットワイヤー用
TYPE-H2 4605-RF001 £93.50 インプレッサ(~96/8・GC8 A~C)用
TYPE-K 4605-RM001 £102.85 カルマン渦用

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