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F-Con iS is the latest version in "Piggy Back" engine management systems offered by HKS. Design to accommodate the evolving range of new cars and engines, fitment onto popular Japanese tuning cars is achieved through a simple plug and play harness (available separately) and in most cases, no modification to the stock harness is required.

Basic fuel and ignition control is based on the successful predecessor, the F-Con SZ. In addition to this, F-Con iS can retrieve stock ECU diagnostic information and can compensate for stock ECU A/F feedback to maintain the ideal fueling and ignition.

F-Con Features A
Fuel Correction Ignition
Timing Correction
By using the map within the F-Con iS, fuel and ignition control can be fine tuned to unleash the full potential of your vehicle. Both Fuel and Ignition maps have 4channel correction maps which can be switched easily through the use of DIP switches.
SLD Function
By retrieving the vehicle speed signal and controlling it before it reaches the stock ECU, the vehicles built in speed limiter can be overridden. This feature is not compatible with automatic transmission vehicles or vehicles with VR speed sensors.
FCD Function
High boost levels can cause fuel cut. F-Con iS can prevent boost cut and increase the range of accessible boost.
Engine Check Light Function
Even with F-Con iS fitted, the ECU Engine Check light can function as normal giving the driver essential warning of any problems (Excludes some vehicles).
F-Con Features B (Applicable to some but not all vehicles)
Engine Check Light Function
Automatic transmission cars can suffer from knocking when shifting up under high load or "kick down", In order to prevent this compensations can be made against throttle position and engine speed changes to temporarily adjust ignition timing.

Only for automatic transmission cars. Some vehicles may not support this feature.
Air Flow Meter Conversion Function.
NVCS Control
F-Con iS can control the NVCS variable valve system solenoid on Nissan vehicles equipped with this feature. F-Con iS uses engine speed and water temperature as conditions for controlling NVCS to extract the maximum from your engine.
Video Output Display Function

F-CON iShas a video output which can be connected to a monitor to display the following information:

·Up to 18 categories can be displayed

·Each parameter is shown as a double display with numeric and bar graph with warning display. The included switch switches between pages which display 6 parameters each.
Basic Display Parameters: Engine Speed·Vehicle Speed·Air Flow Meter Output Voltage·Throttle Position·Water Temperature·Intake Air Temperature·Battery Voltage·Injector Duty·Pressure
Monitor Display Example
By Connecting a DB Meter Interface unit or A/F Knock Amp to the unit, further parameters can be monitored
·Interface Unit with Appropriate Sensor
Displayable Data: Boost (Vacuum) Pressure·Oil Temperature·Water Temperature·Oil pressure·Fuel Pressure·Exhaust Gas Temperature
·A/F Knock Amp
Displayable Data: Air/Fuel ratio·Knock Sensor Level
·Communication Harness
Displayable Data: OBD Ignition Timing·A/F Correction·A/F Feedback
Please contact an authorised F-Con Powerwriter dealer for availability and pricing for your vehicle

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