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If your country flag is not shown please go the HKS Global Network. Click here for details

If you are unsure of which flag corresponds to a country - roll over the flags and it will tell you which flag corresponds to the country.

Sales of HKS products are conducted through a network of distributors and dealers. To purchase any HKS product, please contact any of authorised HKS dealers. Please note that HKS Europe will not warranty, support or service any items which have been sold through unauthorised dealers or distributors. Please use the flags above to find a dealer in your nation of choice, or view the full list from the link below.

HKS Authorised dealer list

F-Con Powerwriter dealers:
Some products such as F-Con iS, F-Con V Pro and Vcam, require vehicle specific mapping and setting up. Authorised F-Con Powerwriter dealers have proven that they have the necessary equipment, expertise and experience and have the approval of HKS to provide and setup these products. Please look for an approved F-Con Powerwriter dealer when ordering these products. Please use the flags above to find a dealer in your nation of choice, or view the full list from the link above.

Becoming a dealer:
If you are interested in becoming an authorised HKS dealer, please check our authorised distributor list to see if there is a distributor in your country. You will be able to establish trading terms with a distributor and all support is offered through them also. If there is no HKS distributor in your region, please contact HKS Europe with information of your company and considerations will be made for assigning new distributors. Please note that all new distributors will be expected to place an initial “buy in” stock order reflective of the size of the market in which they wish to represent.

HKS Authorised Distributor List

If you wish to become an F-Con Powerwriter dealer, please contact HKS Europe with details on your company and relevant facilities and experience. The main current requirement for F-Con Powerwriter dealers is an in house dynamometer and staff with relevant experience of engine management systems.

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