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New R-TYPE INTERCOOLER core, which has improved cooling efficiency with less friction for Sport Turbine to Full Turbine.

  • New shape of inner fin (Improved cooling efficiency)

  • New shape and size of outer fin (Less resistance)

  • Lower and thinner tube

  • Aluminum pipes available for some vehicles. "AL" type.
  New R Type Old R Type Description of changes
Core size(WxHxT) 600x255.6x103 600x300.5x103 600x298x97 2 sizes for vehicle specifications. Clearance from other parts or road.
Outer Fin Louver Fin Louver Fin Pattern of louver fin.
Fin Height 7mm Fin Height 8mm More efficient fin with low fin height.
Fin Pitch 4.5mm Fin Thickness 0.075mm Fin Pitch 4mm Fin Thickness 0.115mm Increased area of cooling air enables 40% less resistance.
Inner Fin Triangle Straight Fin Pitch 3.5 fins per 1cm Group Tube Temperature efficiency (thermal ratio) at high load was improved.- At low load

Old type 95.1% -> New R-Type 95.3% = 0.2% improved - At high load

Old type 87.5% -> New R-Type 88.5% = 1.0% improved
Tube Height 4.3mm Thin Tube (t=0.4mm) Height 6mm Lower height of tube improved fin efficiency. Thin tube decreased heat resistance.
Comparison of weight of R-Type Intercooler
HKS New R-TYPE 8.0kg
HKS Old R-TYPE 11.0kg
Maker A Same size 12.6kg
Maker B Same size 9.4kg
Large capacity Intercooler core, which handles up to 500PS, and radiator are V mounted. Specially designed for FD3S RX-7. Because of the design, cooling air is used efficiently. For street, circuit and drift.
  • New R-TYPE core was tested in D1 HKS HIPER SILVIA. Higher cooling efficiency, less resistance, improved response and lighter weight.
  • For water temperature, radiator is mounted horizontally and intercooler is mounted slant so that both of them can have fresh cooling air.
  • Air separator divides cooling air for intercooler and radiator. It can be adjusted at 3 angles for various vehicle conditions.
  • Aluminium side stays work as air guide for core.
  • Radiator brackets are slide type which can hold up 3 layer radiators.
  • Intercooler pipe and chamber pipe are buff finish aluminium. Stays are made of SUS304.
  • Intercooler pipe is not too wide or long for quick response.
  • Low mount electric fan and radiator enables low centre of gravity.
  • 2 types of kits are released. One is for stock turbine and the other is for T04R Special Full Turbine Kit.
  • As electric fan is mounted under radiator, road clearance will be smaller.
  • A battery is required separately. * Aircon gas is required separately.

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